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English CV

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35020 Ponte san Nicolò (PD) Italy
A motivated, strong-willed and organized comic artist and illustrator. Uses initiative and enthusiasm to spread  passion for everything that concern Art and History of Art. Always seeking new opportunities and new challenges to improve artistic and personal skills.


Mads-Multimedia Arts and Design studio (Italy)  
 Freelance storyboard artist    2014
  • Drawing storyboards for “This is not a bicycle” short movie.

Ozu film festival office (Italy)                                  
 Freelance illustrator               2013
  • Drawing illustrations for the video “TRASLOCO”(MOVE).

Festina Lente publishing house (Italy)                 
Freelance comic book artist   2013 - …
  • Drawing and colouring book covers;
  • Writing, drawing and colouring comics.

Officina 3 graphic studio (Italy)                            
Training in graphic design       2012
  • Graphic designer, drawing logos and labels using Photoshop CS5.


Postgraduate diploma in comic and illustration.   
International School of Comics (Academy of visual arts) Padua, Italy   2009-2012
  • drawing, painting, watercolours, writing, Adobe Photoshop CS5
Bachelor’s Degree in history of Art, University of Padua, italy     2006-2010
  • History of Art, History, Cinema, Theatre, Photography, Italian Literature.
Computer skills:
Adobe Photoshop CC; Manga Studio; Windows XP, Vista, Mac Os X.

Driving licence:                                       
Category B.                                                                                                      

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